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Teamsters Local 238

Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Construction and Building Trades Council

Carpenter’s Union Local 1260 Iowa City


“When I realized Shawn was interested in running, it was a huge relief. Shawn is one of the most principled community leaders I know. For years, he has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to promote leadership of women and people of color in our community. He has fought for the rights of mobile home residents like his mom, and for workers’ rights. He’s the perfect person to continue our work on the council to make this a more just and inclusive community.”– Mazahir Salih, Iowa City Council Member and Mayor Pro-Tem, Executive Director of The Center for Worker Justice.

“Shawn Harmsen knows the Iowa City community well. I’ve known him for seven years and in that time I’ve seen how much he cares and how hard he’ll work for causes that will help the community. That’s why I’m happy to endorse Shawn for a seat on the Iowa City Council.” – Johnson County Supervisor Lisa Green-Douglass

“I want a Council that cares. I want a Council that gets things done. And I want a Council that works for everyone. That is why I support Shawn Harmsen in District B. I have known Shawn a long time, and I trust him to do what’s right. Please vote Shawn Harmsen for Council!” – Johnson County Supervisor Rod Sullivan

“Let me say it loud and clear, Shawn has what it takes! He’s brilliant, positive, organized, fierce, creative, youth oriented, patient, collaborative, humble, inclusive, willing to learn, a good listener, and committed. Let folks know – Vote Shawn Harmsen! #ImWithShawn!” – Johnson County Supervisor Royceann Porter.