Why I’m Running

I’m running because Iowa City is a place where I love raising my family and want to see every family in every part of the city have access to the things that make Iowa City a good place to live.

I’m running to bring to the Iowa City Council the values and drive that have fueled my work the last eleven years supporting progressive causes and candidates in Iowa City.

Affordable Housing

The fight for affordable housing is not new to me, but two years ago it hit home in a new way. A predatory out-of-state investment company bought the North Liberty mobile home court where my mom lives, then taped announcements of an upcoming 60% rent increase to everyone’s door. In response, we came together to form a resident’s association, and gathered support from community allies and others from around the state in a similar situation. We continue to fight back, and while that happens, we need local leaders who start from the principle that housing is a human right. That’s a value I will bring with me to the Iowa City Council.


When Mayor Pro-Tem Mazahir Salih was running for office four years ago, one of her key policy issues was to improve the ability of lower income residents to move around the city. Thanks in no small part to Mazahir’s passion on this issue, we are seeing some big changes to the city’s public transportation system this summer. But the work isn’t done. I will continue to advocate for ways to improve the ability of all residents to travel around our city, to work, to school, to shop, and to play, affordably and efficiently.

Economic Equity

I will be a council member committed to building a community that not only prioritizes affordable housing and transportation, but also the economic equity and financial stability of working families. I support the dignity of work and the right of workers to organize. I oppose the misclassification of workers as an attempt to pay them less. Any such projects will lose my support. I believe the best economic development plans benefit the entire city leaving no families in our community behind.

Racial Equity and Justice

We inherited a society filled with structural racism, and no amount of denial from Iowa’s governor and members of her party changes this reality. Now more than ever, it is up to local leaders like city councils and county boards to do the work of recognizing and dismantling the implicit and explicit white supremacy all around us. On the council, I will continue my work toward racial equity by keeping this mission squarely in front of me. I will continue doing the work to listen and learn from our communities of color and our immigrant communities who bear the brunt of structural racism. These important conversations will inform my decisions on issues ranging from policing and affordable housing to zoning and transportation.